I wrote this book because I was tired, tired of all the run around out there, people trying to lure you in and get your money. I worked a full time job to support my family and a part time job to pay for ebooks, dvds, subscription programs, and anything else I could find that was sure to help me make a living online. It just was not out there, it was all leading up to the next product and the next and it was never ending. Finally with the wolves at the door I gathered up some things around the house to sell. I tried other platforms before giving in and filling out what seem to be my life story to become a seller on eBay. I listed my first item and it sold at auction for 500$, eBay had to increase my seller limit with my first sale. I was hooked. By my second month eBay had voluntarily raised my seller limit to 15,000$ and I did 12K in sales that month. 

I thought back to those few months of seemingly never ending struggles and thought why? Why isn't there a product out there that just cuts through the crap and tells you how to make money? That's when I decided to make that product. I wrote this book with the guy working 60 hours a week at two dead end jobs in mind. I remembered my frustration and what it was like wandering if I'd have to let my car go to repo, or what I'd do if my landlord wasn't such an awesome guy and decided to throw me and my family on to the streets. I wanted to help that guy, I wanted to reach out and shake him and tell him to wake up and smell the roses, most of all I wanted to help someone just like that guy. I tried my best to keep it simple and cater to the needs of that guy. There will always be more to learn but this book will get you started, keep your head up and your eyes forward, this book unfortunately, can not do it for you, but it will come close if you follow it. Give it a try, you won't regret it.